Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Yes - I know - it's been a while since I blogged. I figured I'd start the year off with a blog post.

Happy New Year to everyone! I'm not usually one to believe in making New Year's resolutions. I have a friend who didn't believe in them either but last year she made a list of goals - resolutions - for 2007. She kept them in the front of her dayplanner and would check them off as she did them. She said that it made her feel accomplished and she had fun trying to accomplish them. So this year I've decided to do the same. I've made my list and it's written in the front of my dayplanner. I will mark them off as I do them. I am also posting them here.

So - here's the list!

Beth's 2008 Resolutions!

1 - I will get back to and stay at 160 pounds!

2 - I will go to the gym at least 4 times a month.

3 - I will take a class in any subject.

4 - I will go to LA at least once this year.

5 - I will go to the National Aquarium and see the new Australia exhibit.

6 - I will go on a date at least twice this year with my husband, Bob.

7 - I will devote one day a month for my daughter, Kaela.

8 - I will eat at least one healthy meal a day no matter what kind of day I'm having.

9 - I will email the Fab Four at least once a week.

10 - I will call the FABS at least once a month.

So, there ya' have it!! My goals for 2008!!

I hope you all have a wonderful 2008!!


Anonymous said...

I know you'll be able to check off your resolutions. You'll do great..Hugs

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Beth, you're rubbing elbows with the best and I know you will cross off those resolutions. I dont think Im going to write any down this year....they have had the opposite effect on me ; )
Cant wait till you come out West again...