Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Seventy-one years ago today a baby girl entered this world at around 1:30 am. She was the the fourth child of the family. She was the second girl, born just 11 months after her sister. Because she and her sister were less than a year apart they were considered "Irish Twins".

She was my best friend. She was my mother. I talked to her on the phone every day. She always had a funny story to tell, a kind ear to listen. Anything I needed - she was there.

She lived her life to it's fullest. She always saw the positive in everything and everyone. She would put herself aside to make those around her comfortable and happy.

Her life ended way to soon. She was only 52 years old when she was taken from me. You know what they say, only the good die young and that saying is so very true with her.

So I sit here writing this with tears in my eyes. I'll have a good cry and then get on with my day. You see, she wouldn't want me to be sad and crying. She would want me to be happy and living my life to it's fullest.

So today I'll celebrate life. Today we will be celebrating my grandson's first birthday. I can't think of a more fitting way to remember mom today - by celebrating life not mourning death.

She lives in my heart and in my soul. Her spirit lives within me. She will be with me forever! I love her and miss her and always will!

Happy Birthday, Mom!! I love you!!!


Claudia said...

(((Bethy))) I'm sorry that you lost your mom so early in life. Give that Zackie a big hug and kiss today. He is something to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

((((BETH)))) Lighting a candle for life, lighting a candle for birth, lighting a candle for your memories with your mom.

You're in my thoughts to day

hot tamale said...

((((Beth)))) Im sorry your Mom is not here on earth with you anymore but I admire and respect the lesson she taught you about living life to the fullest and her having a positive spirit. What an awesome gift she passed on to you.

love ya

Vennie said...

I'm reminded how very lucky I am to still have my mother with me, in relative good health and with her mind pretty much sound. At almost 94 (in March) she's getting physically frail and gets easily upset, but otherwise pretty much the same Mom I've known all my life. She loves baseball, NASCAR (go figure), eating out and a decent martini. Maybe I should do a blog post about her. Perhaps tomorrow.