Sunday, January 27, 2008

Decisions, decisions, decisions.....

I am getting ready for an audition on February 27th. I am auditioning for the Marching Ravens, a marching band for the Baltimore Ravens football team. I have been told that this audition is just a technicality and if I can make the flute play, read music and move I pretty much am a member. I have also been congratulated by members of the band for being one of their newest members. Ok, but I still have to get ready for the audition. I have to chose music and practice.

I didn't know what to play for my audition. I've been thinking about it and trying different pieces for about a month now. I wanted something that would show them that I could play but something that I wouldn't make mistakes on with the nerves going. So, after much ado about nothing, I have made my decision.

I have decided on 3 pieces. I decided to be patriotic on 2 of the pieces. After all, as a marching band at football games we will be playing patriotic pieces. The patriotic pieces are "America the Beautiful" and "The Star Spangled Banner". My third piece is an excerpt from Vivaldi's The Four Seasons: Spring. I have also been practicing scales since they are going to want to hear some scales also. I just need to brush up the scales and the 3 pieces. I also have to study the fingerings on the very high notes that flutes have been known to play.

All in all I feel ready. I feel that if the audition was today I would be okay. I just hope that I can keep the nerves at bay!!!


Claudia said...

Oh this brings me back to Kerry's auditions. They can be so stressful. I think that picking pieces that will keep the nerves away is a perfect choice. And Vivaldi's Spring? I'm impressed.

Anonymous said...

you'll do great beth..absolutely great..