Sunday, December 21, 2008

EMT-B - Finally!

I did it!!!! I passed all portions of the Maryland State EMT-B written and practical exams! I am soooo excited!! I am also relieved that it's finally over! Now the fun begins!

I hadn't even been an EMT-B for 24 hours and I had to utilize the skills that I learned. I was watching my grandchildren today. Zachy is almost 2 years old and he is all boy! I call him my bruiser! He is very active and loves to run around like all little boys do. He was running one way and I was walking the other way to go get him when he ran into me and bounced off of me and his head hit the corner of a table. I tried to catch him but I wasn't fast enough. I immediately picked him up and he buried his head in my shoulder and cried. He cried for all of 15 seconds and looked up at me. When he looked up I noticed blood above his right eyebrow. I said to him "Gee - you're bleeding!". He looked at me and laughed! So I took him into the kitchen and cleaned the cut and held pressure on it to stop the bleeding. It stopped bleeding fairly quickly and then I put ice on it. Zachy put up with this for all of 10 seconds and then he was back to running around and laughing - normal Zachy! His momma came home about 30 minutes later. He was fine before she came home but I guess he was going to get all he could out of this one and started crying as soon as he saw her. Of course he got sympathy from Momma! Then Dada got home about 10 minutes later and he did the same thing with him! He milked it for all it was worth! LOL

In the end Zachy, Mom-mom, Momma and Dada were all fine!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Wings clipped - temporarily!

Ok - so I've had to postpone the fly along for Monday, December 15th. When I made the arrangements for it I wasn't taking into consideration that this is the same week that I have my Maryland State Written and Practical exams for EMT-B. This is a highly stressful time because of these tests. I need all the time I can get to tie up loose ends with my EMT-B class and to study for the state exams.

I can't believe that the last 4 months have all come down to this! I can't believe that I made it through the class!!! I have an all skills practice on Sunday and then the written exam on Wednesday and the practical on Sunday, December 20th. I've got to pass!!!

I will be doing a fly along in January or February after things have calmed down.