Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow!!!

My oldest daughter is a hair stylist. She's very good at it. For years, though, when she would cut my hair she would only do what she called the "mom cut". She didn't want to do anything new with my hair. When I was in LA for my birthday in June I did what I thought was the unthinkable, at a dear friend's suggestion, and got my hair done in a LA salon. I loved it! The stylist who did my hair worked with my curls instead of against them. I had it done again when I was in LA in October.

Well - my hair had gotten real shaggy looking and the color had gotten too brash. So when I was at my daughter's house on Sunday I asked if I could come by her salon and have her do my hair. Originally I was just thinking a trim. My daughter, on the other hand, was thinking cut and color. New cut and New color!!!

So today I ventured off to the salon for my daughter to work her magic. I sat in her chair and she said "Okay Mom. What are we doing with it? I have some ideas that I think are funky and would look real good.". So I found myself saying okay. My feelings on hair both mine and both of my daughters is that it grows back and bad color can be fixed. So - I told her to do whatever "funky" thing she had in mind. So - she worked her magic. I love the color. It's called "Celtic Copper" (gee - fitting since I'm very Irish - LOL!) and she put in some blonde highlights. The highlights are real subtle and make the copper a little lighter. The cut is cute too. It's shorter than I've had it in a while but I love it. She said, after her cut, that she got rid of my "Beverly Hills Mullet" - lol. She did a great job and it's very stylish and trendy! It can be blown out or scrunched so I have options with it. It feels good!

While I was sitting in my daughter's chair at the salon she started introducing me to her coworkers and the owners of the salon. She introduced me as her mother and everyone thought that we were lying! They thought for sure that I was her sister not her mother. I literally had to get my driver's license out to prove how old I was and that I was her mother and not her sister! I was shocked! I was thinking that they were only being nice or were blind! LOL It was a great feeling though. I feel so young now!!! They were amazed at how similar our voices were and then when we both laughed at the same time they couldn't believe it - we have the same laugh!! She truly is my daughter!!! She is beautiful, talented and I love her so!!

SO - hair today, gone tomorrow!!! LOL


Anonymous said...

pictures pictures pictures we want pictures...before and after..

hot tamale said...

Ang took the words right out of my mouth!! LOL
You do look young Beth for a Mom and Grandmother....
love ya