Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Perfect Harmony.....

I've been feverishly practicing for my audition for the Marching Ravens on February 27th. I've been practicing short little pieces, scales, trills and fingerings. Oliver likes to lay next to me when I practice.

Today Oliver did something new. He started "singing" when I was playing. He didn't do it with every piece I played though. It seems he only likes certain pieces and when he does "sing" he "sings" in perfect harmony with whatever notes I'm playing.

Kaela heard him today and thought it was hysterical. Of course when Bob came along to hear Oliver "sing" he wouldn't sing. I guess he got stage fright when his daddy was around. LOL

I'm doing well with practicing. I have a little over a month left to practice so I think I'll be more than ready. I just hope that my nerves don't get in my way!


Anonymous said...

you're gonna do great. has oliver put in his request to go with you to the auditions?

Claudia said...

Does he do any Beatles? :)


hot tamale said...

does he sing in spanish?