Saturday, September 20, 2008

Module 2 Exam

Whew!!! Mod 2 Exam is done and over with - Thank Goodness!!! I am taking a state run EMT course so the tests that we take are written by the state not by our instructor. Our instructor told us at the beginning of this course that Mod 2 and Mod 7 were rough tests. Boy - he wasn't kidding about Mod 2!

Mod 2 Exam was a very poorly written test. Even our instructor said so. I left the exam feeling like I'd be happy just to pass. Passing is 70%. Any grade between 60% and 69% and you have to retest. Anything below 60% and you're thrown out of the class and can't retest. You can only retest two times (two different tests - not the same one) during the course.

I went to class on Thursday eagerly anticipating my grade. The instructor had told us that he would call us at home if we failed. I hadn't gotten a call so I knew I had at least passed - that's all I wanted. So at the beginning of class the instructor called us each up individually and gave us our grades. I got an 88%!!!! I got the second highest grade in the class!! I was soooooo happy with my grade!!!!

So - now on to Module 3!!! There are seven mods all together. Once I pass Mod 3 I can start riding the ambulance to get my 5 ride alongs that I need to pass this course! I can't wait to start riding the ambulance!

Ok - on to Mod 3! That exam is on October 9th!!! Bring it on!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mod. 1 - EMT class

Last week I took my first exam in EMT class. It was our Module 1 exam. I felt good after taking the exam. I got the results from my exam on Thursday and my classmates all hated me! I got the highest score in the class!!! I got a 98%!!! I only got one question wrong!! I was stunned!!

Shortly after we got our test scores we had to choose partners for the remainder of the course. At this point everyone was my bestfriend! I said "Wait - just five minutes ago everyone hated me and now everyone is my friend and wants to be my partner! LOL". I had already chosen my partner at the beginning of the course (and she me) so it didn't matter anyway.

Today I take my Module 2 exam. I'll post and let you all know how I do there!

Chia Jesus

It's been a rough couple of weeks for me. I've been stressed out to the max. I ended up taking a couple of weeks off of work because of the stress and to take care of my hubby. Through all the stress this funny little thing happened.

My hubby and I live with my mother-in-law. She is a devout Catholic and, therefore, there is a crucifix in just about every room. In the bedrooms the crucifix is placed over the bed. Yes - there is a crucifix over my bed!

A couple of weeks ago my hubby was in the hospital. I was tired and stressed out when getting home. I went into our bedroom only thinking about going to bed. Our bedroom is dusty and filled with my hubby's books and stuff. He really needs to go in there and clean it out but keeps procrastinating about the task.

So - back to the story. I was getting into bed and looked at the crucifix above the bed. I noticed that on top of Jesus's head was a lot of dust. It looked like Jesus had a fuzzy head!! A headful of fuzz!! All I could do is stand there and laugh! My immediate thought was "Oh - a Chia Jesus!". I couldn't help myself.

Yes - I know that I am going to hell for this! That's okay - I'll be in good company! LOL