Sunday, May 31, 2009

Preparing for the "Get Fit After 40 Summer Challenge"

I've been very busy preparing both physically and mentally for the "Get Fit After 40 Summer Challenge". I'm getting kinda excited about it. I really want to lose this weight and this is the perfect way to start.

Yesterday the refrigerator was stocked with all the fruits and veggies that I'll need for the first week. Today I went to Walmart and bought a tape measure, a notebook to use as a journal and pens that go with the journal.

Later tonight I'm going to take my measurements and record them in my journal. I will also get my foodmover out and refamiliarize myself with it..

So - only a few more hours until the challenge begins!!! Are YOU ready??? Bring it on!!!

The Workplace & "Big Brother"

I've been thinking a lot lately about workplace politics. There are some things at my workplace that are going on. Some are good, some not so much!!! Well - when I was thinking I starting thinking about how workplace politics are a lot like the reality show "Big Brother".

You have the players - your coworkers. One of the players in the HOH (head of household) - that would be your boss.

So the players form alliances. The HOH may like some and may not like others. The alliances change from day to day, week to week. The HOH tries to keep them all working together. Then, the HOH may decide to get rid of one or some of the players or promote one or some of the players. The players may decide to quit.

In the end, unlike "Big Brother" everyone lives happily (or unhappily) ever after!!

Kinda weird - but that's my though for the day!!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009


I was recently asked what my hobbies are.  I pondered this question and couldn't come up with anything.

My life consists of family, work and EMS (emergency medical services).  I've been told by a few different people that I should have a hobby other than the things I've listed above.

I thought about what I wanted to take up as a hobby.  I haven't really come up with anything that really catches my interest wildly.  My impression of a hobby is something that wildly catches your interest - something you love to do in your spare time.

I've explored quite a few options.  Reading, crocheting, knitting, crafts to name a few.  I also bought a Nintendo DS.  I thought that maybe this was a mindless gaming system that would wow me.  Although it is a lot of fun it's not something I find myself doing in every spare moment.

So - I'm still looking for a hobby.  Who would have thought that something as small as a hobby would be so involved???

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Strive for 5 and the Summer 15 Pound Challenge

Ok - so I've made up my mind! I have gained 80 pounds and it MUST go!!! I have a plan and it goes into action soon!!!

A friend of mine, Ang, has a challenge on her blog. It's the Summer 15 Pound Challenge. The challenge is to lose 15 pounds in the summer months (June, July and August). That equals out to 5 pounds a month. I am taking the challenge. It will help to have some support and comraderie for this.

So I figured that I would take the challenge one step further and call it Strive for Five. That is - lose 5 pounds a month until this weight is gone.

I will do this by eating right and exercising. I also realize that I am not perfect and bad days/bad eating decisions will happen.

Slow and easy wins the race!!

Thank you Ang for this challenge! I look forward to it!!!!