Sunday, January 13, 2008

My son, Oliver Wendel

I had wanted a little dog since I got married 4 1/2 years ago. I always knew that when a got a dog I would adopt one. So two months ago I found the dog that I adopted. His name is Oliver Wendel and he is a 7 pound, tan and white, chihuahua. What I didn't know before I adopted Oliver is how dogs can steal your heart. I had heard other dog owners talk about how they loved their dogs and often thought it was a bit odd how much love they had for them and how much they treated them like children. Well - now I personally know. Oliver has my heart wrapped around his little, tan paw!

He is so cute and has such a great personality! He is definitely an only dog. He loves to cuddle and is the eptiome of lap dog. He will sit in my lap wanting nothing but love for hours on end.

The love that a dog gives you in unlike any love that a human can give. He will love me unconditionally, no matter what I've done, what kind of day I've had or what kind of mood I'm in.

He can keep me laughing for hours also. When he starts playing the antics keep on coming!! He is sooo funny!

I didn't believe that dogs could talk or smile! Believe me - they can! Oliver will look at me and with his "yips" tell me exactly what he wants or what he isn't happy with. He will also smile when I'm cuddling him or playing with him.

I am guilty of spoiling him rotten but he so deserves it! I do love my Oliver!!

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Anonymous said...

he's a cutie!