Thursday, January 10, 2008

An EnLIGHTening Experience.....

My husband and I work odd shifts. I work 12 hour nights and he works from 4 am to 12:30pm. Our sleep schedules are odd also. We are both very respectful of each other's sleep time. So, Wednesday morning I fell asleep at 5:00am. At 6:30am my husband walked into the bedroom and asked me where my car registration was. I was in between sleep and being awake and thought I was dreaming. So, again, my husband asked where my care registration was and told me that both his truck and my car had been struck by a light pole! I shot straight up in bed and said "WHAT?". So I ran downstairs only to find that there was, in fact, a light pole laying across my car and resting on his truck. That's what I get for parking right behind my husband! LOL

You see, on our street we have parallel parking on both sides of the street. Our street is a two-way, very heavily traveled, street. There are metal light poles up and down the street. The light poles are very old and the neighbors have always said that we were all just waiting for one of them to go down. Well - it happened! Right on top of both of our vehicles!!

My husband called our insurance company to make a claim. They couldn't believe what they had just been told! They had never heard of anything like this happening!! They found it quite amusing! I'm so glad that they found the amusement in all of this!! LOL

The police came and made a report. The light pole was still working and was presenting quite a public safety hazard. The cop, in all of his infinite wisdom, took the report, gave my husband the case number and then left just leaving this public safety hazard! I couldn't believe it! I called the police back and told them what had occurred and demanded that they send the officer back. Within minutes not only was the officer back but his supervisor was there as well. I told him I couldn't believe that they had just left such a hazard. They informed me that all they were obligated to do was to put up scene tape - BGE (the electric company) was on their way. So I told the cop to go ahead and do it but be prepared to be electrocuted! LOL The other debacle that the cops had was they didn't know if the city owned the light pole or if BGE owned it. If the city owned it then the Department of Public Works had to come out and fix it. If BGE owned it then BGE had to come and fix it. They finally figured out, after much debate, that BGE owned it. BGE was there in minutes and finally lifted the light pole off of our vehicles.

Tomorrow we will take our vehicles for estimates. Then we have to set up appointments with body shope to have them fixed. Hopefully this won't take too long and won't be too stressing!

I guess, after all is said and done, I'm just thankful that there was only property damage and that no one was hurt. This really could have turned out tragically but, thankfully, it didn't.

Here is a picture of the vehicles with the light pole on top of them:


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you weren't hurt..Sorry about the cars..Sending up prayers for quick resolve..

hot tamale said...

Ok Beth, I can see the "picture" of your car but not your hair....come on girl, the suspense is gettin to me ha ha ha

Claudia said...

Oy Vey. I has a similar experience. I was in yoga class and someone hit my car head on....while it was parked. Good luck with the cars.

I'm with Becky. Let's talk about important stuff. Where are the pics of your hair?? LOL


Laura said...

Are you guys kidding? THIS is important too - lol!

Beth and Bob both got the shaft.

Yeah, somebody had to say it.