Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Just wanted to say HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all my friends!!!

Don't let the ghosts and goblins get you tonight!!!

NO - candy corn is NOT a vegetable!!!

Have fun and stay safe!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mod 4b Exam

Tonight I have yet another exam and practical. It's my Mod 4b Exam and practical. It's the second half of Mod 4. For some reason they break this mod into 2 parts. There's a lot of information in it.

I feel pretty confident going into this one. I was going to study at work last night but it was crazy at work. I will get some study time this afternoon before class.

I will let you know how I did when I get the results (hopefully on Tuesday).

Friday, October 24, 2008

Mod 4A Results!!

I got the results of my Mod 4A exam. I got a 96%!!!!!! That gives me an average of 93% in my class!!

My partner and I did the Mod 4A practical (skills) exam and we passed it with flying colors!! Some of the comments we got from our preceptor were "Great teamwork!" and "Very thorough!". I was stoked!!!

I take Mod 4B on Thursday October 30th! I can do it!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Mod 4A Exam

So I took my Mod 4A exam last night in my EMT-B class. I hope I'm not getting too sure of myself or too cocky by saying that I thought I did well on the exam and the exam was easy.

I will know on Tuesday what my grade is on the exam. I also have a practical (skills) exam on Tuesday. For some reason practical exams make me nervous. I'm afraid I'll forget a step and fail. I'm told that during the class the practicals aren't about failing, they're about seeing what skills you know. I'm studying and practicing a lot for it.

I can't wait to find out my grades!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Results Are In!!!!!!

I had an all day EMT class today.  Our instructor had told us that he wouldn't have the results for our Mod 3 exam until Tuesday.  Well - he fooled us all!!  He had our results today!!

I fretted over this exam and felt like I had totally bombed it.  I walked out of the classroom after taking the exam and felt like crying.  We were told to wait outside until everyone was done with their exam.  I was the second person outside.  Once other people came out and we started talking about the exam I felt somewhat better but still felt like I bombed it.

This morning our instructor called us each up to the front of the class individually.  He handed us a slip of paper that had the results of all of our exams and our average for the class.  I went to the front of the class and got my slip of paper.  I was afraid to look at it.  I sat down in my seat and my partner asked me what I got.  I told her I didn't know  because I was afraid to look.  She made me look.  I was shocked when I looked.

I got an 88% on my Mod 3 exam!!!  I didn't bomb it at all!!!  I have a 91% average in this class!!  I was sooo relieved and excited!!!

I can now go talk to the chief of my fire station and start riding the ambulance to get my 5 ride alongs.  I would have gone tonight but I'm exhausted!  I will go up on Wednesday and start.  I can't wait!!!

Ok - Mod 4A exam is on Thursday.  Bring it on!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

I play with helicopters!!!

As a part of my job I am sometimes required to help unload patients off of helicopters. I love this part of my job!!! It's a lot of fun!

We recently got a new helicopter at work. We call it the "Bumblebee" because it is yellow and black. I get to do a fly along next month on the "Bumblebee" and I can't wait!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mod 3 Exam

Well tonight I took my Mod 3 exam in my EMT-B class. This is the test that will determine whether or not I can get on the ambulance to get my 5 patient assessments done. I have to take and pass Mod 3 before I can start my ambulance ride alongs. I can't wait to get back on the ambulance even if it's only until I get my 5 assessments needed to pass this class.

I don't feel good about this exam. I came out of the exam feeling like I had failed it miserably. I only need a 70% to pass and a 60% to be able to retest (anything below a 60% and you fail out of the class). I don't feel like I passed though.

It is a state written test and some of the questions were difficult to decide what they were looking for. It's a 50 question test that is all multiple choice. It was confusing. I won't know until Tuesday if I passed or not. I have a class all day Sunday and I was hoping that the instructor would have our results back by then but he said no. The instructor said that if we don't get a phone call from him by Tuesday then we didn't fail the exam. I'm hoping I don't hear from the instructor but I'm expecting that maybe I will.

I'm just stressed out with things going on at home, work and this class. Maybe I'm just over-reacting. I sure hope so. I'll let you all know when I get my results!!!