Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Weight Loss Hype

It's everywhere! Especially this time of year! New Year's Day has passed and everyone is trying to keep their New Year's resolution to lose weight. The problem with this is that in this world of everyone wanting things "right now" they want to lose their weight "right now".

Everytime I get on the internet I'm faced with yet another article on the latest, up to datest, best way to lose weight. They are always the same - do this and eat this and lose 10 pounds fast!!! What they fail to mention is that most of that 10 pounds that you lose fast is water weight and if you don't change your way of eating for life and exercise you are going to gain it back.

I was one of those people who wanted to lose weight the fast and easy way. I thought that all I had to do was have gastric bypass and the weight would melt off and stay off forever. Well - I had it half right. They weight did melt off. I didn't, however, learn that I had to change my way of eating and had to exercise to keep it off. I ended up gaining 40 pounds back. Fortunately it was only 40 pounds and not the whole 190 pounds I had lost before I learned that even after gastric bypass I had to eat right and exercise.

My message is this. There is NO easy and fast way to lose weight. You HAVE to eat right and exercise. There's no magic pill, no magic potion, no magic surgery - you have to work it!! I know how hard this is. I've gained back 20 pounds and have to re-lose it. I struggle with eating and exercise every day of my life.

So - please take my advice and stay away from the fad diets!! I know how tempting they can be. I've tried quite a few myself only to be discouraged when the weight came back. They don't help you lose weight forever and they can be harmful to your health!!

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I'm sooooo proud of you!!!