Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 5 and It's Going Well!!!

Ok - so I've made it to Day 5 of "Get Fit After 40 Summer Challenge". I'm feeling incredible!!! I just have to vamp up the exercise. I've managed to exercise 3 out of the 5 days. For 2 days I exercised for 45 minutes and then today I've exercised for 10 minutes.

The program that I chose to follow is Richard Simmon's Foodmover. I've got my foodmover set to "Blast Off". I've done very well on "Blast Off". I'm going to move up to the calorie card that coordinates with my weight after "Blast Off". For those of you who don't know "Blast Off" is the first week and then you go to the calorie card that corresponds with your weight.

I've been thinking though. (I know - Uh-oh!!! LOL) I'm really in a great mindset this week about food and exercise. I've been through this before and somehow always seem to lose touch with my mindset in week 2. I'm trying to think how I can keep this awesome feeling and get to goal.

I've got to stay focused!!! I've got to get back to goal!!! I have 83 pounds to lose!!!

Any ideas??? I'm open to ideas and suggestions!!!

Thank you all in advance for your thoughts, love and support!!! I really do appreciate it!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Get Fit After 40 Summer 15 Pound Challenge Begins!!!!

This is it!!! Today is Day 1 of "Get Fit After 40 Summer 15 Pound Challenge"!!!! I'm excited, nervous and scared all at the same time!!

Excited because this challenge is just what I need to help me lose some weight. It gives me accountability, support and something to work toward.

Nervous because what if I fail!!! Will I let all the others participating in the challenge down? Will I look bad if I fail??

Scared because I'm wondering if I can really do it. I've tried to do it before in the last few months and after one week it all goes to the wayside. Will it be the same this time???

I'm just going to take the challenge one day at a time. If I can't handle one day at a time I'm going to take it one meal at a time.

As for exercise - I'm going to remember how good it feels after I exercise to get me motivated to do it. I do feel awesome after exercising and I sleep a whole lot better. Exercise also keeps me motivate to eat right. I feel like I'm doing something good for my body by exercise so I want to put good food into my body also.

SO - here it goes!!! Day One of the challenge!!! I'll let you know how it goes!!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Preparing for the "Get Fit After 40 Summer Challenge"

I've been very busy preparing both physically and mentally for the "Get Fit After 40 Summer Challenge". I'm getting kinda excited about it. I really want to lose this weight and this is the perfect way to start.

Yesterday the refrigerator was stocked with all the fruits and veggies that I'll need for the first week. Today I went to Walmart and bought a tape measure, a notebook to use as a journal and pens that go with the journal.

Later tonight I'm going to take my measurements and record them in my journal. I will also get my foodmover out and refamiliarize myself with it..

So - only a few more hours until the challenge begins!!! Are YOU ready??? Bring it on!!!

The Workplace & "Big Brother"

I've been thinking a lot lately about workplace politics. There are some things at my workplace that are going on. Some are good, some not so much!!! Well - when I was thinking I starting thinking about how workplace politics are a lot like the reality show "Big Brother".

You have the players - your coworkers. One of the players in the HOH (head of household) - that would be your boss.

So the players form alliances. The HOH may like some and may not like others. The alliances change from day to day, week to week. The HOH tries to keep them all working together. Then, the HOH may decide to get rid of one or some of the players or promote one or some of the players. The players may decide to quit.

In the end, unlike "Big Brother" everyone lives happily (or unhappily) ever after!!

Kinda weird - but that's my though for the day!!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009


I was recently asked what my hobbies are.  I pondered this question and couldn't come up with anything.

My life consists of family, work and EMS (emergency medical services).  I've been told by a few different people that I should have a hobby other than the things I've listed above.

I thought about what I wanted to take up as a hobby.  I haven't really come up with anything that really catches my interest wildly.  My impression of a hobby is something that wildly catches your interest - something you love to do in your spare time.

I've explored quite a few options.  Reading, crocheting, knitting, crafts to name a few.  I also bought a Nintendo DS.  I thought that maybe this was a mindless gaming system that would wow me.  Although it is a lot of fun it's not something I find myself doing in every spare moment.

So - I'm still looking for a hobby.  Who would have thought that something as small as a hobby would be so involved???

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Strive for 5 and the Summer 15 Pound Challenge

Ok - so I've made up my mind! I have gained 80 pounds and it MUST go!!! I have a plan and it goes into action soon!!!

A friend of mine, Ang, has a challenge on her blog. It's the Summer 15 Pound Challenge. The challenge is to lose 15 pounds in the summer months (June, July and August). That equals out to 5 pounds a month. I am taking the challenge. It will help to have some support and comraderie for this.

So I figured that I would take the challenge one step further and call it Strive for Five. That is - lose 5 pounds a month until this weight is gone.

I will do this by eating right and exercising. I also realize that I am not perfect and bad days/bad eating decisions will happen.

Slow and easy wins the race!!

Thank you Ang for this challenge! I look forward to it!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Ok - so I got the results of the National Registry exam that I took yesterday. I checked and checked from the moment I got home yesterday until I found out at 1:00 this afternoon.

So - it's official. I passed my exam!!! I can now put NREMT-B after my name!!!

I'm now nationwide baby!!!!! I'm sooooooooo excited!!!

Ok - now what can I study??? I'll have to work on that one. I'm thinking paramedic next!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

National Registry

I just got back from taking the National Registry for EMT-B test. I've studied hard for a long time for this test. I felt like I had a long time to study but it came quick.

I got to the testing center 45 minutes early. They tell you to get there 15 minutes early for the check in procedures. I was way early but the employees at the center were glad because I was the last tester of the day.

When I got there they asked me for two forms of identification, fingerprinted me (computerized), took my picture and had me sign a form. I was then directed to put all my personal items - coat, wallet, etc - in a locker and to keep the key. The only things I could take into the testing room were my driver's license for identification and the key to my locker. I was then fingerprinted again, had to show my driver's license again and was led to my testing station. I, in some ways, felt more like I had committed a crime and was being arrested instead of taking a test!!! LOL

The test was computerized. I had 2 hours to complete the test. There was no set amount of questions. The computer was testing for competency. I get a pass/fail not a number/letter grade. I felt like the test was over too fast. I had a time remaining counter on the computer screen and the test only took me 29 1/2 minutes.

I felt like it was too short a test. I text messaged a friend of mine who has just recently taken a National Registry test. She said that generally if the test was short you did good. I sure hope so! I don't feel like I did very well.

I will know my results within 2 business days. I feel like I'll be on pins and needles until I find out.

I will post and let you all know how I did when I get my results.


I see dead people.....

Yesterday I got to go to cadaver lab.  I had never been before so I didn't quite know what to expect.  I had heard that the smell of formaldehyde was horrible.  I had visions of cadavers that would leave me screaming for the door!

Well - it was none of that.  In fact, it was quite interesting.  I got to do and see things that I never would have seen had it not been for cadaver lab.

I got to see the structures, up close and personal, of the airway.  I also got to feel them.  I now have a better idea of what I'm doing as an EMT.

They let me intubate, insert a chest tube, do a surgical airway, insert an IO IV (IV into the bone), do a needle chest decompression and a whole lot more.

I am looking forward to more cadaver labs in the future.  I'm also going to see if I can set up observing an autopsy.  I'm sure I'd learn a LOT there!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

My to do list for LA

I can't believe I'm so close to leaving for LA!!! I'll be leaving in less than 48 hours!!! I've had off of work since Wednesday do I'm rested, relaxed and really not stressed about getting ready to leave.

Here's my to do list: (in no particular order)
- Pack (everything organized and just needs to be put in suitcases)
- Get eyebrows waxed and nails done (acrylics baby!)
- Give myself a B-12 shot (have to do it every month - adding in an extra for LA)
- Shave legs
- Bathe Oliver (sounds easy to bathe a 7 pound chihuahua but he puts up a fight!! LOL)
- Check in and print boarding pass for my flight
- Write a teaser email to Richard (LOL)
- Go to the airport!!!

So - there it is!!! It's not that bad!! I'm very relaxed!! I'm also excited and a bit nervous!

LA - Look out!!! Here come the Fab Four!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Counting down the minutes until vacation!!!

I'm at work tonight. I'm working 6pm - 6am. This is my last shift for two weeks!! That's right - I'm going on vacation!!!

The first week of my vacation will be spent catching up on some things that I got behind in because of work, family illness, and life in general. On Friday I'm supposed to have jury duty (UGH!).

Then - I leave next Wednesday for my real vacation! I'm going to LA!!!!! I can't wait to spend some quality, fun, zany time with the Fab Four!!! It's been a long time in coming. I miss them all desperately and can't wait to see them!!!

So - I'm counting down the minutes until 6:00am!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009


I have always wanted to go see Riverdance. I love Irish dancing and Irish music. I'm 100% Irish - the red hair (natural) and green eyes are the give away!!!

So last night my dreams came true! I went to see Riverdance!!! It gets better!! I had front row seats!!!!!!

Going to see Riverdance last night far exceeded my expectations!!! It was phenomenal!!! It was awesome!!! We were so close to the stage that we could see the tip of the drumstick that flew off during the drummers performance. So close that we could see the hole in one of the dancers tights! So close that we could have shaken hands with the performers during their curtain call!! So close that when the fog machine was blowing we felt like we were in the fog!!!

My only regret with Riverdance is that this is their farewell tour. I won't get to see it again. Maybe, since it's so well loved, it will come back!

I LOVED Riverdance!!!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

One amazing artist!!!

I have a very dear friend. She is very talented and makes amazing jewelry!! I love her jewelry and own a few pieces myself.

She has an Etsy store online. Etsy is kind of like Ebay only it's for artists.

Here is the link for her store:

Please visit her store and have a look! You will not be disappointed!


Monday, February 9, 2009

Princess Allie's first day of school!

Well I talked to Allie this evening after her first day of school.  I asked her how she liked it and she said that it was really good!  She liked the other kids and the teacher.  When I asked if she was excited to go back tomorrow she said, very excited, "I get to go back tomano?".  When I told her yes she was extremely excited!!  Then she said "Mom-mom I have to get off the phone now.  I'm tired and I need to go to bed and get some sleep for tomano!".  

I love you Princess Allie and I'm so happy you love school!  

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Allie goes to school!

My granddaughter, Allie, is now 5 years old. It's hard to believe that she's 5 already! She's grown up so fast! She is a beautiful little girl!

It seems like just yesterday that my daughter told me she was pregnant. Then Allie was born. She captured my heart in the first few minutes of her life. My daughter wanted me to be the first person, other than Allie's daddy, to meet her. I remember my daughter calling me into the room and saying "Mommy - I want you to meet Allie Elizabeth Johnson! Your granddaughter!". I asked if I could hold her and my daughter said "Of course - you'd better! She's your granddaughter and you need to spoil her!". And spoil her I have ever since!

Allie is starting school tomorrow (Monday). Allie is going to pre-school! She will be starting kindergarten in September. In the county that Allie lives in they suggest pre-school for all kids. Allie just moved in December to her new house so pre-school it is!

Allie is both excited and nervous. I'd expect both out of her in her new endeavor!

Good luck Princess Allie!!! Mom-mom loves you!!!