Saturday, January 5, 2008

Marching bands, flutes - things from my past - so I thought!!

I played flute through middle and high school. I was first chair in high school. For those of you who don't know what that means it means that I was good. I also marched in my high school marching band. I loved marching band! So that was my past. So I thought....

Recently I was looking on the Baltimore Ravens website when I came across a link for the Marching Ravens. I decided to look into the link because I have always loved marching bands. Much to my surprise the Marching Ravens are recruiting. So, just for giggles, I shot off an email to the director of the Marching Ravens. I didn't really expect to hear back. Boy - was I wrong!!

I got an email response within 2 hours of emailing him. He wanted me to call him ASAP. He didn't care what time of the day or night it was he wanted to hear from me. So I called him.

I talked to him at great length about the marching band and told him that I hadn't picked up my flute since high school so I didn't know if I would be of any use to him. Awww contrare!!! He was extremely interested and I now have an audition with the Marching Ravens on February 27th!!!!

Well that lead to my next problem. I no longer had a flute. Well, he says, that's no problem either. It just so happens that one of the other directors owns a music shop and set me up with a great deal on a flute.

So now I'm feverishly getting ready for my audition. WHAT???? AM I CRAZY???? Well that's up for debate but we'll see what happens! The guy who sold me my flute listened to me play as I was choosing a flute and said that he doesn't see any reason why the director won't love me. I hope he's right!! The nerves are really setting in here.

I told my youngest daughter what I was doing and she thinks it's cool! Yeah - her mom - the band geek!! LOL


Laura said...

Left, Right, Left!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh those were the good ole days..Tequila!!! My hubby was my drum major in h/s..(He played alto and tenor sax and I played Clarenet)

hot tamale said...

Can I twil the baton? We all can form a Slimmonette march band when you come out West.....think Im kidding?

way to face the past, you are going to rock