Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 5 and It's Going Well!!!

Ok - so I've made it to Day 5 of "Get Fit After 40 Summer Challenge". I'm feeling incredible!!! I just have to vamp up the exercise. I've managed to exercise 3 out of the 5 days. For 2 days I exercised for 45 minutes and then today I've exercised for 10 minutes.

The program that I chose to follow is Richard Simmon's Foodmover. I've got my foodmover set to "Blast Off". I've done very well on "Blast Off". I'm going to move up to the calorie card that coordinates with my weight after "Blast Off". For those of you who don't know "Blast Off" is the first week and then you go to the calorie card that corresponds with your weight.

I've been thinking though. (I know - Uh-oh!!! LOL) I'm really in a great mindset this week about food and exercise. I've been through this before and somehow always seem to lose touch with my mindset in week 2. I'm trying to think how I can keep this awesome feeling and get to goal.

I've got to stay focused!!! I've got to get back to goal!!! I have 83 pounds to lose!!!

Any ideas??? I'm open to ideas and suggestions!!!

Thank you all in advance for your thoughts, love and support!!! I really do appreciate it!!


Anonymous said...

one step, one meal at a time. treat next week as you did this. you are doing great. so proud of you..Really Am..Hugs and Love!!

Jenn@slim-shoppin said...

I agree with Ang, just take it day to day. I tell myself when I wake up, I am going to make the best choices I can today.

One thing that has helped me is if I haven't eaten things I am supposed to, like veggies, fruits, milk et...than no treats.

So, at work when there is a ton of leftovers, huge cookies, birthday cake, I can't eat it, because I haven't fulfilled my calories for the day with nutrtional stuff.

Time goes by so fast anyway, taking it day to day is the best way!