Sunday, February 8, 2009

Allie goes to school!

My granddaughter, Allie, is now 5 years old. It's hard to believe that she's 5 already! She's grown up so fast! She is a beautiful little girl!

It seems like just yesterday that my daughter told me she was pregnant. Then Allie was born. She captured my heart in the first few minutes of her life. My daughter wanted me to be the first person, other than Allie's daddy, to meet her. I remember my daughter calling me into the room and saying "Mommy - I want you to meet Allie Elizabeth Johnson! Your granddaughter!". I asked if I could hold her and my daughter said "Of course - you'd better! She's your granddaughter and you need to spoil her!". And spoil her I have ever since!

Allie is starting school tomorrow (Monday). Allie is going to pre-school! She will be starting kindergarten in September. In the county that Allie lives in they suggest pre-school for all kids. Allie just moved in December to her new house so pre-school it is!

Allie is both excited and nervous. I'd expect both out of her in her new endeavor!

Good luck Princess Allie!!! Mom-mom loves you!!!

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Anonymous said...

Good Luck Allie!! Have Fun!! Make Lots of Friends!