Wednesday, April 15, 2009

National Registry

I just got back from taking the National Registry for EMT-B test. I've studied hard for a long time for this test. I felt like I had a long time to study but it came quick.

I got to the testing center 45 minutes early. They tell you to get there 15 minutes early for the check in procedures. I was way early but the employees at the center were glad because I was the last tester of the day.

When I got there they asked me for two forms of identification, fingerprinted me (computerized), took my picture and had me sign a form. I was then directed to put all my personal items - coat, wallet, etc - in a locker and to keep the key. The only things I could take into the testing room were my driver's license for identification and the key to my locker. I was then fingerprinted again, had to show my driver's license again and was led to my testing station. I, in some ways, felt more like I had committed a crime and was being arrested instead of taking a test!!! LOL

The test was computerized. I had 2 hours to complete the test. There was no set amount of questions. The computer was testing for competency. I get a pass/fail not a number/letter grade. I felt like the test was over too fast. I had a time remaining counter on the computer screen and the test only took me 29 1/2 minutes.

I felt like it was too short a test. I text messaged a friend of mine who has just recently taken a National Registry test. She said that generally if the test was short you did good. I sure hope so! I don't feel like I did very well.

I will know my results within 2 business days. I feel like I'll be on pins and needles until I find out.

I will post and let you all know how I did when I get my results.


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Anonymous said...

You did good Bethy..Now Relax, and go have some fun girl..YOU DID IT!!!