Friday, March 13, 2009


I have always wanted to go see Riverdance. I love Irish dancing and Irish music. I'm 100% Irish - the red hair (natural) and green eyes are the give away!!!

So last night my dreams came true! I went to see Riverdance!!! It gets better!! I had front row seats!!!!!!

Going to see Riverdance last night far exceeded my expectations!!! It was phenomenal!!! It was awesome!!! We were so close to the stage that we could see the tip of the drumstick that flew off during the drummers performance. So close that we could see the hole in one of the dancers tights! So close that we could have shaken hands with the performers during their curtain call!! So close that when the fog machine was blowing we felt like we were in the fog!!!

My only regret with Riverdance is that this is their farewell tour. I won't get to see it again. Maybe, since it's so well loved, it will come back!

I LOVED Riverdance!!!

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Anonymous said...

oh that's so cool Bethy..I'm glad you had a goodtime..You deserve it..Better yet, Front Row..How cool is that? Lucky Girl!! Did you capture a leprechaun..I'm green with Oh no 4-leaf clovers...