Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I love Starbucks!!! I love their mint mocha light frappaccino. I also like their iced carmel sugarfree latte. Starbucks ROCKS!!!

Well, Sunday (my birthday!!!), I picked my granddaughter Allie up from my daughter (Stefanie) at Stefanie's salon. I felt that because it was my birthday that I deserved a mint mocha light frappaccino with chocolate whipped cream. (YUMMY!!!) So after picking Allie up, Allie and I headed to a Starbuck's that was nearby.

Allie had never been to Starbucks even though Stefanie loves Starbucks and probably has their menu memorized backwards and forwards. I ordered my mint mocha light frappaccino and ordered Allie a strawberries and cream frappaccino. Allie loved it!!! Of course, I loved it too!!

I took Allie to my house. She had finished her strawberries and cream and was playing with some stuffed bears. There was a stuffed bear that was dressed up as a Ravens cheerleader. Allied took the Ravens cheerleader bear and was playing with it saying "RAH! RAH! RAH!!! GOOOOO STARBUCKS!!!". I was on the floor laughing! It was so funny and sooo cute!!!

Later that day I took Allie back to Stefanie and the salon. The first words out of Allie's mouth to her mommy were "Mom-mom took me to Starbucks!". Stefanie looked and me and said "MOM!! What did you get her at Starbucks?". I said "I got her a large caramel frappaccino with a double shot of espresso!". Stefanie was shocked! "MOM!!!!" I started laughing and told her that I had gotten her a strawberries and cream to which Stefanie replied "WOW! I'll bet she loved that! I never thought of getting her one of those!".

So, in closing, out of the mouth of Princess Allie, "RAH! RAH!RAH!!! GOOOOO STARBUCKS!!!!!"


Anonymous said...

oh that is so cute!!!

Claudia said...

Teaching her early, huh?? Sooo cute!