Sunday, June 22, 2008

Future Quarterback In Training...

Today I spent a few hours with the two biggest loves of my life - Princess Allie and Prince Zachy!! They are sooo much fun and such beautiful children!! I love to watch them play together.

Well - today I was watching them play. Zachy went over to the front door and got Daddy's flip flops and was playing with them. Zachy brought them into the living room where Allie and I were. Allie grabbed one of the flip flops. Zachy tried to grab it back. They were having a tug of war with the flip flop!!! Zachy let go of the flip flop, went behind Allie (she was sitting on the floor) and tackled her!! There he was on top of her, tackling her for the flip flop!! It was so funny! I had to lift him off of her. She finally gave in and gave him the flip flop!!

I do think that we have a quarterback in training here! He's quite the bruiser!! No one got hurt in the tackle. There was just a lot of squealing from Allie and laughing from Zachy!

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Anonymous said...

how truely fun!!! Glad you got to enjoy time with the grands!!