Saturday, June 28, 2008


Back in 1996, what I considered "The Stupid Years" I decided to join a fire department and obtain my EMT-B certification. I worked hard and got that certification. I had fun riding the ambulance and saving lives. I loved the adrenlin rush I got when running a call!

In 2001, near the end of "The Stupid Years" I let my EMT-B certification expire. I could have very easily recertified before it expired but it was during "The Stupid Years" and it expired. I also quit the fire house.

I've worked in emergency medicine since 1996. I've ridden the ambulance, I've driven the ambulance and I've dispatched. I love being in the communications center. My years of experience is what has landed me the job that I have now, the job that I love.

I've made a decision this week. I've decided to join another fire department and take a class to get my EMT back. My class starts on August 19th and meets twice a week for 3 months. Then I have to take a written and practical certification test. I will then be an EMT-B once again! I can't wait to be voted in as a member of the Arbutus Volunteer Fire Department and be able to ride the ambulance again! It will be soooo much fun!


Claudia said...

You go girl. If I called 911 I'd want you to answer the call. You will be fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!I'm so proud of you girl!!! You can do it!!!YAHOOOOOOO

BG said...

Good luck w/ your class Beth. I'm your 40something counterpart in small (miniscule)town Arizona. Our class started the same week yours did. I was in Emergency medicine decades ago and have to I still have it? Love the dispatching but hurt for days after packaging class LOL. Anyway, I'll be rooting for you