Monday, June 16, 2008

Oliver and "The Monster"

Oliver is my baby. He is a seven pound bundle of fur that has wrapped himself totally around my heart! He is a tan and white chihuahua. He tries to act big and bad, barking at everything from St Bernard's to cats but sometimes surprises me with his fears. Oliver also has a habit of being a vacuum cleaner on 4 paws. He loves to go around eating fuzz off of the carpet. I swear that one of these days I'm going to let him outside to do his business and a stuffed animal will come out of him!!!

The other day my husband was doing some housework. He was tidying up. He went to the corner of the dining room and pulled out "The Monster". Oliver looked at his daddy dragging "The Monster" and immediately cowered into Mommy's lap. Daddy dragged "The Monster" upstairs and turned it on. This sent Oliver reeling!!! He kept looking up at the ceiling from my lap wondering what this noise was. Then it happened! The noise started coming down the steps. Oliver cowered over to the steps and much to his surprise the loud noise was coming out of "The Monster"!!! "The Monster" went into the front room and Oliver went to the opposite end of the house (the kitchen) and hid. "The Monster" came closer to the kitchen and Oliver slinked by it and ran to the front room. Finally "The Monster" was quiet. Oliver came out from hiding and realized that "The Monster" was still out and Daddy hadn't put it away yet. He sat behind the chair and watched as Daddy put "The Monster" back into it's place in the dining room.

Later that day I was playing ball with Oliver. I threw the ball and it landed near "The Monster". Oliver cried until I went and got the ball. He wouldn't go near "The Monster".

So I learned this week that the vacuum cleaner will from here on out be known as "The Monster" and that the big bad Oliver is afraid of "The Monster"!!!

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Anonymous said...

ROFL...Oh poor Oliver..such a sweet little pup..

Glad to see you post again!!