Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sibling Rivalry

Growing up my younger sister and I were close. There were times, though, that we would try to get under each others skin and fight. It was okay for us to fight each other but, God forbid, anyone else try to hurt one of us. We would stick up for each other in a nano second. We were the perfect image of sibling rivalry.

My grandkids, Allie 4 1/2 years old and Zachy 17 months old, are learning the fine art of sibling rivalry. Zachy knows how to push Allie's buttons and make her squeal.

At Allie and Zachy's house they have a big flat screen television. It has a big button right in the middle on the bottom that turns it on and off. It at just the right level for Zachy to operate the television.

Allie will be sitting on the couch watching her favorite television show (usually Sponge Bob Square Pants). Zachy will be zooming around the house. Zachy will run up to the television and stop and look at Allie and smile mischieviously. Then he'll look back at the television and then back at Allie. He will then push the button on the television, turning it off, turn and laugh at Allie and run. Allie, of course, will squeal. "HEY! ZACHY!!! NOOOOOO!!!". This only makes Zachy laugh more and do it more. He always gets this devilish little grin on his face while doing this! It's kinda funny to watch.

This, I'm sure, is only the beginning of sibling rivalry. I'm glad I'm Mom-mom and can sit back and laugh at the antics!

I LOVE being a Mom-mom!!!

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Anonymous said...

oh yes...I have three that I would be happy to sell you..There last day of school is today so that wuold be no fun with your grands.