Friday, February 29, 2008

Marching Orders!!!

Last night I had my audition with the Baltimore Marching Ravens. Well - I made it!! I am now one the newest members of the Marching Ravens!!! Mark time mark!!!! Yeah!!!

I arrived at the Baltimore Ravens Training Complex at around 6:30 on Wednesday night. I had seen bits and pieces of it in the news and in the newspaper. I didn't realize how huge it really was. When I arrived I had to check in at the guard station. My name was on the list so I was allowed past. After I pulled away from the guard station I saw it!! It was gigantic!!! I had to stop my car! I was in awe of the sight in front of me!!!

I was told that I had to go to the Field House. I'm looking at the gigantic maze of buildings in front of me thinking "Where is the Field House? Which building is it?". I saw bright lights to the left of the building and decided to "Go toward the light!!". LOL I went toward the light and , sure enough, there I was at the Field House.

I went inside and just stood there with my mouth open and my eyes wide!! There, in front of me, was a gigantic indoor football field. I stood there thinking "Wow! Ray Lewis has practiced here! Todd Heap has practiced here! Jamal Lewis has practiced here!!"

I went over to the man that I recognized as the Marching Ravens president from his pictures. He welcomed me and had me fill out some paperwork. Then he had me go over to the uniform station and be fitted for my marching uniform. I was thinking "Wow. This man sure is putting a lot of confidence in the fact that I'll pass this audition!". So - I got fitted for my uniform!!

After uniform fitting, I went to another table and was issued a Shako (marching band hat) and a beret. Then I was introduced to the man that was conducting the audition!

This is when the nerves set in. It was me, another girl who was auditioning for the flute line and the guy who was auditioning us. He introduced himself (I was so nervous that I don't remember his name - LOL). He then asked who wanted to go first. The girl I was auditioning was a 15 year old girl who was probably more nervous than I was and she said "She can go first!" and pointed at me. So I went first.

He asked me what I was going to play for him. I told him I had three pieces ready. He told me to just pick one. I chose "The Star Spangled Banner". I must say - I played it pretty well! He stopped me after four lines. That scared me. I thought "Uh-oh! He didn't even let me finish! Was I that bad?". He then had the other girl, Jessica, play her audition piece. She was fantastic and he stopped her after 2 lines! I relaxed a little bit after that. Then the auditioner had us play some scales. After we played our scales he congratulated us and sent us over to meet with the band president.

I went over to the band president, John, and he welcomed us to the Marching Ravens. He gave us a little pep talk and then invited us to listen to the drum line and some of the brass sections that were rehearsing. I must say - the Marching Ravens has an impressive drum line!! They were awesome!!!

I also got to talk to Jessica, her brother and her father for a while. I left the Ravens Training Complex feeling like I had accomplished something major! I was excited and proud of myself!

I have rehearsals every Wednesday night now. I have my first parade on March 16th - a St. Patrick's Day 1 1/2 mile parade! I can't wait!!

So - here ya' have it! I'm now officially a band geek!


hot tamale said...

Oh wow Bethy,I knew you'd make it but mostly Im so proud of you for following your dreams. They DO come true!! Oh how I wish we could all be in those stands for your first parade coming up....
love ya

Anonymous said...


Parade Rest!!!

I'm so excited for you..Having band flashbacks myself.

I knew you could do it. I'm so happy for you and proud of you.

Hugs and love

Laura said...

Band geeks are the coolest!

Claudia said...

I knew they would love you. You absolutely must post a picture of you in your new band uniform. Congrats to you, Bethy.

Vennie said...

Told yuh! Congratulations to the newest Marching Raven. I want to see pictures of you in uniform. I loved being in band and you will too. When is your first gig?