Saturday, February 23, 2008

Becoming a vegetarian

There's a news story out there now that has really affected me. It disturbs me unlike any news story has disturbed me in a long time. The news story that I'm talking about is the mistreatment of the cows in California. I keep seeing the images and hearing the story and it really disturbs me!

It has disturbed me so much that I am seriously considering becoming a vegetarian. I've talked to my vegetarian friends about this also. I'm doing research on being vegetarian. I think it's a lifestyle that I could adapt to.

I have decided that if I become vegetarian I will continue to eat fish, eggs, cheese and dairy. I would give up beef, chicken, pork, turkey and such. I am going to talk it over with my shrink first. I'm in therapy for an eating disorder and want to make sure my shrink agrees with my decision before I implement it.

It's a huge lifestyle change but after seeing what I've seen the past few days it's one I can live with!

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Claudia said...

Hey Bethy,

It's not as big of a lifestyle change as you may think. There are lots of meat substitutes out there along with bean, lentils that you can eat instead of meat. After a while it becomes second nature. But,yeah.....check it out with your shrink first.

Good luck!