Friday, December 12, 2008

Wings clipped - temporarily!

Ok - so I've had to postpone the fly along for Monday, December 15th. When I made the arrangements for it I wasn't taking into consideration that this is the same week that I have my Maryland State Written and Practical exams for EMT-B. This is a highly stressful time because of these tests. I need all the time I can get to tie up loose ends with my EMT-B class and to study for the state exams.

I can't believe that the last 4 months have all come down to this! I can't believe that I made it through the class!!! I have an all skills practice on Sunday and then the written exam on Wednesday and the practical on Sunday, December 20th. I've got to pass!!!

I will be doing a fly along in January or February after things have calmed down.


Anonymous said...

you are going to do great!! have faith in yourself!

Claudia said...

You will rock the crap out of that exam.I'm sure of it. After all, you are a member of the Fab Four and we can do anything we put our minds to.

Love ya,

hot tamale said...

Beth, my exam is on wed. too. Good luck to us both. By this time next week, we will have a profession!! Boy, a week on a sandy beach with cabana boys seeing to our needs sounds like a perfect reward huh?
love to you