Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm flying high now!!!

Ok - it's official!!! I will be doing a fly along on our helicopter on December 15th!!! I can't wait!!! I will be flying along on a medical helicopter!!! It will be soooo much fun!!!

I also get to bring along a camera. The only thing I can't take pictures of is the actual patient. As the flight nurse says - "Everything else is fair game!".

Of course I will be posting pictures after my fly along!


Anonymous said...

congratualtions girl..I miss riding in the helicopter.

Post lots of pictures..Enjoy the seconds/moments/minutes.

Vennie said...

Oy! I've ridden in a chopper before but it was in Alaska to go up onto a glacier. Your ride will be waaaay different. Hope it's safe and fun. I'll look forward to the pictures.