Friday, October 24, 2008

Mod 4A Results!!

I got the results of my Mod 4A exam. I got a 96%!!!!!! That gives me an average of 93% in my class!!

My partner and I did the Mod 4A practical (skills) exam and we passed it with flying colors!! Some of the comments we got from our preceptor were "Great teamwork!" and "Very thorough!". I was stoked!!!

I take Mod 4B on Thursday October 30th! I can do it!!!


Anonymous said...

congratulations proud of you.

Laura said...

I knew it all the time! Conga-rats!!!!!!

hot tamale said...

Way to go Beth....Im still waiting for my test results, my teacher is a space case to say the least. We are rockin' the health world woowhoooo

Claudia said...

Keep up the great work. You are so rocking this class. I knew you would. I am thrilled for you.

Vennie said...

Excellent! If I'm ever in an accident near Baltimore, I hope they send you!