Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mod 3 Exam

Well tonight I took my Mod 3 exam in my EMT-B class. This is the test that will determine whether or not I can get on the ambulance to get my 5 patient assessments done. I have to take and pass Mod 3 before I can start my ambulance ride alongs. I can't wait to get back on the ambulance even if it's only until I get my 5 assessments needed to pass this class.

I don't feel good about this exam. I came out of the exam feeling like I had failed it miserably. I only need a 70% to pass and a 60% to be able to retest (anything below a 60% and you fail out of the class). I don't feel like I passed though.

It is a state written test and some of the questions were difficult to decide what they were looking for. It's a 50 question test that is all multiple choice. It was confusing. I won't know until Tuesday if I passed or not. I have a class all day Sunday and I was hoping that the instructor would have our results back by then but he said no. The instructor said that if we don't get a phone call from him by Tuesday then we didn't fail the exam. I'm hoping I don't hear from the instructor but I'm expecting that maybe I will.

I'm just stressed out with things going on at home, work and this class. Maybe I'm just over-reacting. I sure hope so. I'll let you all know when I get my results!!!


Anonymous said...

you'll have passed that test with flying colors baby!!

I'm sending prayers up for you and thinking of you

Laura said...

Failure is not an option. You are the curve-wrecker. I know that you passed with points to spare and look forward to the day that you have self confidence that matches your knowledge and skills.



hot tamale said...

humm same 50 question test for me too, not State exam(yet) same % needed but different subjects that I just took last week too....weird huh? I know you passed Beth. We study hard even with a whirlwind life going on around us and it pays off, you'll see. If not, there's always a make up exam, you'll probably not need it but its good to know its there. Keep us posted!