Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bad to the bone.........

We adopted Oliver 2 1/2 weeks ago. Oliver is making himself quite at home. His personality is coming out. He's cute and funny! Well, yesterday he discovered the wonderful world of bones!!

I went to the supermarket and got him some butcher's bones from the meat counter. I made sure I got a package that had small bones in it because, after all, he's only 7 pounds. I brought the bones home and took the smallest one out of the package. Oliver didn't know what to think. He licked it at first then walked away. He kept looking at it oddly. He went over and licked it several more times. Then he just left it sitting there in the middle of the living room.

I work nights so I sleep during the day. When it was time to go to bed I picked up his "puppy" (a stuffed, fleece puppy that Oliver loves) and the bone and upstairs we went. He was laying on the bed and the next thing I know he starts chewing the marrow out of the middle of the bone. After a while he went to sleep and the bone fell off the bed. I got up to get something and when I came back into the room the bone was nowhere to be found. "That's odd!", I thought.

Later, when I got up and was getting ready for work, I was downstairs talking to my husband. He was telling me about Oliver and his bone! It was soooo funny!! First Oliver hid the bone under the dining room table. He got down on his belly and did the "army crawl" under the dining room chair to hide it there. When he realized that people knew where he hid the bone he took it and hid it in another room. As of the time I left for work no one could find it. Oliver was sitting in the middle of the living room looking like he was saying "Ha ha - you can't find it!".

I'm sure that this isn't the last of Oliver's antics! Like I said - he's a very funny dog!

I'm glad that we adopted him!

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Anonymous said...

LOL..Bella hides her bones under my bed. I found 3 under there this week.