Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mod. 1 - EMT class

Last week I took my first exam in EMT class. It was our Module 1 exam. I felt good after taking the exam. I got the results from my exam on Thursday and my classmates all hated me! I got the highest score in the class!!! I got a 98%!!! I only got one question wrong!! I was stunned!!

Shortly after we got our test scores we had to choose partners for the remainder of the course. At this point everyone was my bestfriend! I said "Wait - just five minutes ago everyone hated me and now everyone is my friend and wants to be my partner! LOL". I had already chosen my partner at the beginning of the course (and she me) so it didn't matter anyway.

Today I take my Module 2 exam. I'll post and let you all know how I do there!


Anonymous said...

Everybody loves Beth!!I'm sure you did excellent on your test today!

hot tamale said...

Same here Bethy, I got an "A" on my test last thursday...I dont know how but I guess all this studying that I thought was going in one ear and out the other paid off. OLDER STUDENTS ROCK!!! All our hard work is paying off. Keep strong
love ya